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Recommended football bets

442pro Recommended football betsLike the feeling of winning a bet, but don’t feel confident enough in your choices to take those risks? By using our tested and proven Zcode system, you don’t have to worry about your choices anymore. We’ve tested our system for 5 years, poured our own money into bets, allowed the world to watch as we succeeded, and won all those bets just so we could help you feel more confident in your sports trading choices.

Everybody loves the excitement of placing their bets, watching their teams and players triumph, and feeling that sweet, sweet victory when they win all that money in the pool. But on the flip side… no one likes to lose and watch their friends celebrate with the money they just handed over to those winners. So make sure you don’t lose again. Let our system help you make the right choices, so you’ll always be the one celebrating!

How can we help you do this, you may ask? Sounds like it might be on the less-than-legal side, right? Well, for the first time ever, there is now a completely legit system that not only allows you to bet on college football legally but on several sports year-round. Whether you’re interested in football, baseball, soccer, college sports, esports, or more, Zcode has the best recommendations for you.

If you’re new to Zcode, and not one of the thousands of beta-testers who’ve won big using our system, then you may not know why you need a system that can be so life-changing when it comes to sports betting. Sports betting can be fun, but it’s even more so when it’s successful. Instead of risking it all on bets you’re pretty sure are good, let Zcode choose bets for you, so you can rake in all the winnings. This system only works so well due to:

Recommended football bets Zcode tested and proven

● 80+ parameters used to calculate the best possible bets
● Backtests and forward-tests to evaluate the effectiveness of each strategy
● Complete company transparency in both profitability and methods
● Computer-generated picks backed by real human sports experts
● Clearly defined upward trends you’ll want to hop on


Other betting sites help you make bets by choosing the season’s best players or teams, but Zcode’s algorithms only focus on the value in a

game, all based on 100% objective and statistical calculations. You no longer have to rely on others’ recommended football bets; Zcode’s recommendations are mathematically more reliable.

We also have Recommended football bets for college football

Ready to bet on college football legally? Tired of losing money on “sure” bets? Avoid ever having another losing month again by utilizing our tried and tested system that has helped thousands to win all their bets. If you’re finding it hard to believe that Zcode can do everything we’re promising, let our 3rd party verifications and beta-tester testimonials help you to see just how Zcode can make your sports trading portfolio crazy successful. If you’re ready to see for yourself how you can start being a winner, check out our system at

Another recommendation is to try the system out, a full refund is guaranteed if you don’t like the system. Just imagine if you could have a betting system that can make you tue profit. The system works because it is combined with human cappers who are experts and with the technology that has been collecting data since 1999. This is not a gamble its a sure thing if you follow the system, don’t let this pass you, 2020 is the year that you are going to change your life!



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